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Tana F1

Hybrid white cabbage with early maturity. Tana is high yielding and is especially suited for warm areas. It has a vigorous growth and an early maturity. Its semi-erect plant allows water to drain well and minimizes fungus development.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Intermediate Resistance:
Black Rot (Xcc)
Fusarium wilt (Foc)




Avallon F1

Hybrid Crimson Sweet watermelon with a maturity of 80-85 days. The strong vigorous plant has high continuance and good foliage cover. The fruits are broad elliptic in shape and reach 12-15kg in weight.

Disease Package       
Intermediate Resistance:
Anthracnose (Co)
Fusarium wilt (Fon)




Vigro F1

Hybrid hot pepper with medium-early maturity for open field and tunnel. Vigro has medium-sized fruits, 16x3cm with medium thick walls and medium pungency. Its plant is vigorous and produces high quality fruits throughout the whole season.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
High Resistance:
Potato Virus Y (PVY:0)

Intermediate Resistance:
Nematodes (Me)




Venise F1

Hybrid determinate elongated tomato with early maturity. This elongated variety is suitable for both the fresh and processing market. Venise is high yielding, with a concentrated fruit set. The fruits have a semi-jointed attachment. They weigh 120-150gr with thick walls and a brix of 4.8. The plant has very good vigour and the leaves cover the fruits well, shielding them against sunburn.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
High Resistance:
Tomato Torrado Virus (ToTV)
Fusarium (Fol-2)
Altenaria Stem Canker (Aal)
Verticillium (Va)

Intermediate Resistance:
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV)
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV)
Bacterial Wilt (Rs)




Red King F1

Hybrid red short day onion. Red King has top-shaped bulbs.